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Eurolink/ Europe Direct Northern Ireland

Eurolink promotes the benefits of cross community and cross-border co-operation by connecting people and projects across Europe to collaborate and share expertise. It achieves this through the Europe Direct NI information office which is part of a European Commission Network with over 500 offices in each of the 28 Member States designed to answer citizens’ questions on the European Union.

Cultural Competence Training

Cultural Competence provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to communicate and work effectively with colleagues, clients, project and business partners from different cultural backgrounds.  Training explores how culture influences how we work, behave and communicate. The training uses practical examples taken from the experience of working with colleagues and partners across Europe.

Study Visits & Event Management

Study visits across Europe to share expertise and best practice across all sectors to provide the opportunity to explore ideas which can be adapted and transferred to this region. We also provide a comprehensive Event Management service for conferences, seminars within this or other regions of Europe.

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