Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training is designed and delivered for all sectors and explores how culture shapes how we act and behave and how misunderstandings arise when we misinterpret different cultural behaviours. Training provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to build relationships, communicate effectively and promote acceptance and respect for diversity.

Cultural Awareness Training tailor made for you!
With experience of developing and delivering cultural awareness training to participants from public, private, community and education sector we are flexible and can deliver training to meet your specific needs at a time  and place that suites you.

Training Content and Workshop Themes
Heather McLaughlin Cultural Awareness Trainer Profile
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Heather McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin, Head of EU Projects

Working with colleagues or clients from other cultures?
Cultural awareness training shows how meetings, planning, negotiating, team building, conflict, agreements, appraisals are all influenced by culture!

Part of a European projects with transnational partners?
Cultural awareness training helps you to build relationships, manage responsibility in cross cultural teams, communicate and correspond effectively  with different cultural partners.

Working with Youth
Young people now study, live and socialise in a very diverse landscape. Cultural awareness training helps youth explores cultural diversity to promote better understanding across cultures.

Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training                               

Relocating for work?
Cultural awareness training helps employees and their families adjust successfully to a new region by helping them understand the local culture and deal with the practical issues of everyday life where things are different.

Teaching or studying with different cultures?
Culture influences how we collaborate in teams, manage schedule deadlines to complete assignments and respond to questions in group work.

Heather McLaughlin

Heather McLaughlin

Delivering healthcare?
Communication with patients can be improved and patient care enhanced when health care providers understand their patients’ culture, religious practices and  how to manage language barriers.

Are you just not connecting with someone from another culture?
Cultural misunderstandings happen even when we are speaking the same language. Cultural awareness training helps people connect and work better together by understanding different cultural perspectives.

Contact us if any of the questions above apply to you and let’s discuss it to help you understand and resolve it.

Recent Cultural Awareness training:

Managing Diverse Teams
Misunderstandings and confused messages can happened when culture influences how people communicate with each other. This is important in face to face communication but even more important when emails form much of our business correspondence.

“I particularly enjoyed the cultural dimensions exercise to understand what people mean and why they act in a certain way” 

Doing business in Japan
Relating UK working practices to Japanese. Understanding different attitudes to time, negotiation, decision making processes & consensus building. How to develop relationships & trust for project managers and team leaders.

Cultural Competence for Business
The University of Ulster organised a three day festival to showcase its engagement with business. Europe Direct NI delivered a workshop on cultural awareness for business to highlight the need to understand cultures in order to build business connections.

“Allowed us to see things and work them out ourselves and not just told”

“Tutor very good and easy to understand”

Cultural Awareness training for Business in Northern Ireland

Cultural Awareness Training for University








Youth Explore Cultural Diversity
The aim of this series of workshops was to provide the opportunity for young people to increase their understanding of how cultural diversity and community identity impact on life today by helping them to explore their own cultural identity and increase their level of cultural awareness and respect for diversity.


“The activities for the kids were excellent and they thoroughly enjoyed them”

Cultural Awareness in Hospitality
Visitors come from across the world and in order to give the customer the best service it’s important to understand different cultural needs.

“This course exceeded my expectations, giving me an insight into numerous diverse cultures and customs, whilst also considering my own customs in a new light. Very enjoyable and interesting”

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