European Projects

European Projects: PEACE Programme and Erasmus+

The Rural Centre is involved in a number of PEACE and Erasmus+ projects as coordinator or partner. These project engage with a variety of sectors with partners from other regions of Europe. Projects are detailed below.

The PEACE programme has been implemented as a cross-border cooperation programme between Ireland and the UK and has two main aims: cohesion between communities involved in the conflict in Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland; and economic and social stability.

The programme addresses the specific problems caused by the conflict with the aim of creating a peaceful and stable society through two main priorities (reconciling communities and contributing to peace) and four main objectives for the 2014-2020 programming period.

PEACE IV Cross Border Shared Heritage Communities Programme 
The Rural Centre coordinates this programme to engage and develop sustained linkages through shared heritage between Mid Ulster District Council and Donegal County Council and groups within these areas. The shared heritage will focus on The O’Neill and clans of Ancient Ulster with significance for Mid Ulster and Donegal. 

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, with organisations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities.


Projects involve working with at least three partners from other regions of Europe to collaborate and share expertise to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe.

European Projects to share expertise

Contact us to find out about European projects or arrange a consultation to help you assess your organisations ability to participate in European Projects.

The Rural Centre/ Eurolink is coordinator or partner in the following Erasmus+ projects.

Heather McLaughlin Head of Projects

University Study Visit: Youth work and Intercultural Competence as Event Coordinator for a three-day study visit to universities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that offer Youth and Community Work degree programmes for participants from other regions of Europe to share expertise.

The Euro-Youth MediaLab Project is a two year project funded through Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships with partners from 10 EU regions. The project will work with young people to act as reporters to explore what citizenship means to them and then share it with youth from France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

EYML Youth Exchange includes five of the ten partners involved in the Euro-Youth MediaLab project who take part in  an Erasmus+ youth exchange programme: KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals. The Five project partners are: Bulgaria, France, Spain, Sweden and UK. The youth exchanges take place in France, Sweden Bulgaria and Spain and include 5 youth and a youth leader from each of the project partners.

Youth MADE is a a KA1 Youth project funded for one year with partners from Croatia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK which will support young people to participate in youth exchanges to explore migration, share different views to develop informed opinions and gain respect for diversity. 

The Youth Worker TEAM Project is funded through Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Mobility for 8 Month project from the 1 January 2018 – 31 August 2018. The TEAM Project will develop the capacity of youth workers to participate in and encourage youth in their community participate in Erasmus+ activities in order to promote personal development by improving their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

CRANE: Citizens Role Agricultural Network Education with partners from Italy, Spain and Malta is funded for 2yrs through Erasmus+ strategic partners for adult education. The project aim is to share best practice in the role of the farmer in promoting environmental protection and sustainability through education.

SoEngage: Engaging farmers in social farming is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project in the field of Vocational Education and Training for 2yrs with partners from Germany, Poland, Spain, Romania, Ireland the the UK. The overall objective is to support farmers to engage in Social Farming by developing their knowledge, skills and competences through training to consider, plan and deliver a professional Social Farm service for the economic benefit and sustainability of the farm and the rural community.

Women Return to Work Project is two year project funded through Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for adult education: KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices with partners from Sweden, Poland, Turkey and the UK. The aim of the project is to prepare women of all ages to return to employment or entrepreneurship after a period of economic inactivity.

European Network of Women from Rural Areas (ENWRA)
The ENWRA project was funded through Grundgtvig Lifelong Learning 2013 – 2015. The purpose was to look at the issues facing women finding employment or setting up their own business in rural areas. The project partners from Spain, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Cyprus and the UK took part in study visits hosted in each of their regions.

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‘LID+’ is a year-long programme of free services and events that will promote, inform and support your potential involvement in the Erasmus+ Programme.

The Inside Out Programme in Claudy, Northern Ireland is responsible for delivering this programme to support young people, young leaders, youth workers interested in developing an application to the Erasmus+ programme in 2017.

“Europeanisation” project awarded “Good Practice Example” by the Erasmus+ Programme!

This project has created an organisational self-assessment tool which helps you measure your readiness for internationalisation (or Europeanisation) and gives you tips to improve it. TAKE A TOUR HERE:

Tip for education organisations: Use the self-assessment tool to test your readiness to apply to/manage KA1 and KA2 projects! More…


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