CRANE: The Network of Farms Teaching Citizens

The CRANE project was funded for 2yrs through Erasmus+ strategcrane-logoic
partners for adult education: 
KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and
the exchange of good practices 2016-1-IT02-KA204-024381

The project ran from from 
07/11/2016 – 06/11/2018

The project partners included:

Italy: DINAMICA, An adult vocational training and education centre providing professional training and technical and economic assistance. DYNAMIC is the project coordinator
Contact: Santina Ruccolo or Carla Cavallini

UK: The Rural Centre, a community organisation promoting social and economic initiatives through EU projects, partnerships and training. The Rural Centre collaborates locally with Rural Support who are responsible for social farming in Northern Ireland. Contact: Heather McLaughlin

Spain:DEFOIN, providing training for unemployed for integration into the labour market and specify occupational training across
all sectors for those already employed. Contact: Javier Morales Luque

Malta: Genista Research Foundation providing intercultural & social work with minority groups, Consultancy for SMEs, Education providing training on sustainable development and management of Genista nature reserve.
Contact: Dr Mark Causon

The aim of the project was to provide farmers involved in multifunctional farms with the skills and competencies required to fulfill their role of promoting and informing people about agriculture through non formal education.

The project used the experiences of farmers across the partner regions who offer services/ activities to develop training to provide farmers with the necessary skills to develop or improve these services/ activities on their farms.

Multi functionality recognises the inter connectedness of agriculture‚Äôs different roles and functions beyond food production for Social, environmental and economic Sustainability.screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-13-33-53

Farmer are the leaders of a slow but inexorable transformation of farms from food production to multifunctional farms linking rural and urban through:

Education & Training: promoting sustainability, protection of environmental heritage, training through schools, social farms, social inclusion of disadvantaged people
Events & Activities: outdoor leisure activities, meeting facilities, workshops, entertainment, healthcare
Hospitality: rural tourism, for individuals and groups, farm hospitality

The project:

  • Identified the types of Multi Functional Farms in each region
  • Set up a focus group of 40 farmers in each region to explore why they became involved in multifunctional farming, what support they received and what other support they need to develop
  • Carried out research to identify the framers competencies and training needs
  • Share existing educational tools and training methods throughout the four partner regions
  • Created a common model of training specifically developed for the farmer
  • Tested and developed training modules throughout the project term
  • Compile the final training into an e-book to be shared to improve training and promote the development of Multifunctional farms

Project Meetings:
Italy: 18 & 19 December 2016
Northern Ireland: 16 – 17 April 2018
Spain: 17 – 19 October 2018

Training Sessions:
Bologna, Italy: 11 – 16 December 2017 (5 days for 12 participants. Training for trainers)
Malta: 13 – 18 May 2018 (5 days for 3 participants including farmers from each partner)

CRANE reports and training materials

A general overview of agriculture in each region
The current situation of multifunctional farming in each region
The results of the questionnaire with social farmers in each region

Training materials:
Introduction to multifunctional farming
Sustainability in multifunctional farms
Role of the farmers
Social farming
Direct marketing and selling

CRANE Website



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