Northern Ireland (UK)

N Ireland (UK): The organisation is The Rural Centre, based in Clogher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland.

The Rural Centre is host to Europe Direct Northern Ireland

Contact: Heather McLaughlin

Multimedia Report:

In this report the youth look at how the conflict or ‘troubles’ has influenced their lives and the progress that has been made to create peace in Northern Ireland supported by PEACE funding from the European Union.

The youth discuss how the conflict has influenced them, their parents, how things have changed and what they hope for the future.

The conflict between Protestant and Catholics, often called ‘the troubles’, is because most Protestants consider themselves British and want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom while most Catholics consider themselves Irish and want Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to be united as one independent country.

Sam, Katie, Jon, Hannah, Peter and Rebecca ready of the youth exchange in Sweden in June 2017.

Matt, Micah, Ellie, Caitlin, Dans and Zak ready of the youth exchange in France in October 2016.