Northern Ireland (UK)

N Ireland (UK): The organisation is The Rural Centre, based in Clogher, Co Tyrone, N Ireland.

Contact: Heather McLaughlin

Multimedia Reports:

The following videos have been produced by youth involved in the EuroYouth MediaLab project funded through European Commission Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult education. The productions reflect the views of the authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contains therein. Project number: 2016-1-FR02-KA205-011285 

The MediaLab youth reporters from Cookstown carried out a survey on bullying in their two local high schools. The youth created a questionnaire which 136 pupils completed to identify the types of bullying they experienced in schools. Cyber bullying was a main issue and pupils suggested that mobile phones should be banned in schools.

“One young person being bullied is one too many”

The MediaLab youth reporters from Dungannon met with their local elected representative, Councillors from Mid Ulster Council and asked them questions on a number of issues around migrants to their region.

The following reports capture the questions and the options of the Councillors.

In this report the Dungannon youth met with their local Councillors from Mid Ulster Council and asked them “what has been the major attraction of migrants workers to Dungannon and how they been received?” 

The Dungannon youth find out from the local Councillors of Mid Ulster Council “What cultures make up the community in Dungannon?” and “How has it changed over the last 10years?”. They discover that Dungannon has a large migrant community including many Eastern European, Portuguese, East Timorese, Syrian, Polish and Brazilian. Many bring their families and try the town depends on them to contribute to the economy.

The Dungannon youth asked the local Councillors from Mid Ulster Council “In a community that is already diverse, what provisions have been made for the relocated migrants?”. The Councillors describe the valuable contribution that the workers from other regions make to the economy and how they have been able to share the food and cultural traditions with the local community.

In this report the Councillors from Mid Ulster Council describe ‘What measures the Council have taken to integrate migrants into the community”. One of the good things is that the migrants are spread across the town and live within the local community. This means that in every street there is a mixture of nationalities which really helps integration.

“How have schools evolved in educate migrant children?”
Education is extremely important to help change perceptions. The Councillors explain to the Dungannon youth how schools have evolved to integrate migrant children and educate local children and encourage acceptance. The Councillors commend the schools for adapting to bring together all the communities in the Dungannon area. The schools run events to involved all the parents in the community. Schools celebrate EU language day in September to help share language and culture.

Youth volunteering in their local community
Dungannon youth share the types of activities they carry out as volunteers to support their local community such as cleaning town signs, painting playground fences, clearing gardens and creating sensory gardens.

Northern Ireland: Sectarianism, racism or prejudice – How the conflict influenced the lives of the youth and their hope for the future.

In this report Dungannon youth look at how the conflict or ‘troubles’ has influenced their lives and the progress that has been made to create peace in Northern Ireland supported by PEACE funding from the European Union.

The youth discuss how the conflict has influenced them, their parents, how things have changed and what they hope for the future.

The conflict between Protestant and Catholics, often called ‘the troubles’, is because most Protestants consider themselves British and want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom while most Catholics consider themselves Irish and want Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to be united as one independent country.

Video Testimonial from Vineyard Church Dungannon youth Group leader Matt Graham on the value of the Erasmus+ youth exchanges to France and Sweden for the young people from Dungannon

Cookstown Youth: Eithna, Conor, Ciaran, Zoe, Néamh and Conán who will take part in the youth exchange in Baena, Spain in March 2018.

Dungannon youth: Sam, Katie, Jon, Hannah, Peter and Rebecca ready of the youth exchange in Sweden in June 2017.

Dungannon youth: Matt, Micah, Ellie, Caitlin, Dans and Zak ready of the youth exchange in France in October 2016.


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