Youth Exchange France

The first exchange took place in France 26 October – 1 November 2016 and  included 5 youth and a youth leader from Bulgaria, France, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.


During the week long programme the youth explored the issue of migrants. Working together allowed the youth to develop an understanding or each others’ culture and language. It also enabled them to understand the different views and opinions of youth from other regions to discuss political and social topics and to be more aware of social and political concepts like democracy, justice, equality, citizenship, civil rights.

After taking part in activities and workshops to explore the issue of migrants the youth learned how to produce media and social media content to share their views and opinions.

The week concluded with a final conference where the youth and local citizens met with French EU officials to ask questions and hear their views on the support migrants receive from the EU.

A summary of the debate about Europe in region ” migrants in Europe: what future?”

The youth concluded that they would like to change three key issues relating to migrants: Safe transport for refugees, Better integration for them in the country  of residence and Improved communication of facts to inform citizen’s opinions.

They agreed to: write a petition to the European Parliament to try to launch a European citizens initiative to change the conditions of traveling for refugees. They had the opportunity to ask that to a european deputy during one of the debates who encourages them to act in this way. They also decided to continue to produce videos to provide information on the migrant issue to to their local population.

15181542_1796278953972949_8013600168340766147_n                              Report in French Press on the Youth Exchange

Video Testimonial from Vineyard Church youth Group leader Matt Graham on the value of the Erasmus+ youth exchanges to France and Sweden for the young people from Dungannon.


The youth also carried out tasks to complete a YouthPass.


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