PEACE IV Cross Border Heritage Programme

The purpose of the programme is the provision of the research, management and facilitation of a bespoke programme to engage and develop sustained linkages through shared heritage between Mid Ulster District Council and Donegal County Council and groups within these areas.

The shared heritage will focus on The O’Neill and clans of Ancient Ulster with significance for Mid Ulster and Donegal.

The programme presents an opportunity for joint working between both Councils and local interest groups.

The relevant areas are places of shared significant heritage; with the close links between the Ancient Clans leading to the ‘flight’ of the Earls which took place from Rathmullan, Co Donegal; with the ‘Earls’, themselves coming from both Donegal and Dungannon. This event is important in our shared heritage and, along with the subsequent Plantation of Ulster, had a huge significance in the history and development of the areas.

The programme is not only focused on bringing people together from across the border but also people from different community and religious backgrounds; with the aim of seeking to make a positive contribution to building a cohesive society and developing sustainable cross border contacts.

This project is supported by the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).

The timeline for the delivery of the Programme is to commence June 2018 and complete December 2020.

The programme is open to all groups that have an interest in participating throughout the duration of delivery.

The aim of engaging groups of interest in both areas is to identify O’Neill and Ancient Clans heritage linkages, gather local information and knowledge and develop sustained community linkages between Donegal and Mid Ulster.

For further information please contact the project coordinator:

Heather McLaughlin
Tel: +44 (0) 2885549606


1. Research into heritage of the O’Neill and clans: Research will focus on the Ancient clans of Ulster (O’Neill and O’Donnell) sites and their linkages (including exploring wider linkages to the Plantation at relevant sites); up to 14 sites will be identified in cooperation with Councils including (but not all) sites at Hill of The O’Neill, Tullaghogue Fort and then linking across the border to Donegal and sites including Rathmullan and An Griananan Aileach (other smaller sites to be identified as part of the research that are of interest).

The research will include the links between the sites for visitors both local and tourists to enable them to move from one area to another along a trail.

2. Development of cross border trail in booklet and interactive app: 
The research will be captured in both a leaflet and interactive app and will integrate the cross border heritage connectionThe booklet and app will capture the cross border heritage sites identified in the research to create a cross border trail of heritage sites of the Ancient clans of Ulster (O’Neill and O’Donnell).

3. Facilitation/ connection of local interest groups in Mid Ulster & Donegal This will include the facilitation of workshops and discussions between the cross border groups. (100 people: 25 participants in Council Area – 10 history/interest groups participating from Mid Ulster and 10 history/interest groups from Donegal) across the 6 study visits (including heritage weekends).

4. Heritage Weekends: Heritage Weekends Mid Ulster x 2 First Heritage weekend 13 & 14 Sept 2018 Heritage Event Donegal x 2 Heritage event in Mid Ulster to be over 2-3 days and Donegal over 1-2 day to be linked to existing heritage event/activity. Mid Ulster heritage weekend to include a formal launch with evening celebration for up to 100 people at Hill of The O’Neill. Date: 13 Sept 2018

5. Study Visits and workshops: Three Mid Ulster Visits: 3 – 4 visiting groups with 3 – 4 local groups participating in 2 day study visits with overnight stay for visiting group. 2 heritage site visits 2 workshops. \First Study visit during Heritage weekend 13 & 14 Sept 2018

Three Donegal Visits: 3 – 4 visiting groups with 3 – 4 local groups participating in 2 day study visits with overnight stay for visiting group. 2 heritage site visits 2 workshops. First Donegal visit proposed Oct 2018.

Participants must commit to at least 26hrs contact time during visits.

The offical launch of the programme took place on the 13 September 2018 with a medieval banquet at The Hill of the O’Neil, Dungannon.

Study Visits & Workshops

1st Visit: Mid Ulster Heritage Site Visit 13 & 14 Sep 2018
(Tullyhogue Fort, Hill O’Neill)

2nd Visit: Donegal Heritage Site Visit 19 & 20 Oct 2018
(Doe Castle, Doon Rock, Kilmacrennan Friary)

3rd Visit: Mid Ulster 22 & 23 March 2019
(Castlecaufield, Benburb & Caledon)

4th Visit: Donegal 17 & 18 May 2019 (Innishowen Grainan of Aileach)

5th Visit: Mid Ulster to be agreed (March 2020)

6th Visit Donegal May 2020 (South Donegal, Donegal Castle etc) 

Mid Ulster 13 September 2018 Programme launch and Medieval Banquet
Mid Ulster: 13 & 14 September 2019:
13 Sept: Schools lantern parade on Tullahoge Fort
14 Sept: Medieval village at Hill of the O’Neill.
Free guided tours of Tullahoge Fort during the week
Donegal: 3 & 4 August 2019
3 Aug: Spanish Armada walk Kiltoorish to Killybegs
 Aug: Medieval village, Ballyshannon
Donegal 16 & 17 August 2019:
16 Aug: Launch of Inishowen Heritage Trail, Sliabh Sneacht Centre & Banquet, 17 17 Aug: Fahan Heritage Walk 


Report on the launch of the Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Project and the first visits to Mid Ulster in September 2018 and Donegal in October 2018.

PDF Newsletter Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Project: Launch and study visits in Mid Ulster and Donegal

Electronic Newsletter: Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Porject: Launch and study visits in Mid Ulster and Donegal




This newsletter reports on the second Mid Ulster visit in March 2019 when the group visited Castlecaufield, Benburb and Caledon.

PDF Newsletter: Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Project: Study visit March 2019

Electronic Newsletter: Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Project: Study Visit March 2019