Donegal 19 & 20 October 2018

Doe Castle
Doe Castle, or Caisleán na dTuath, near Creeslough, County Donegal, was the historical stronghold of Clan tSuibhne (Clan MacSweeney), with architectural parallels to the Scottish tower house. Built in the early 15th century, it is one of the better fortalices in the north-west of Ireland. The castle sits on a small peninsula, surrounded on three sides by water, with a moat cut into the rock of the landward side. The structure consists mainly of high outer walls around an interior bawn with a four-storey tower-house/keep.

Kilmacrennan Friary
The friary was built in 1537 by the clan leader Manus O’Donnell for the Franciscan friars on the site of a previous monastery of the 6th century. It is said that at this early monastery Colmcille was educated by his foster father Cruithneachain O’Ceallachain, a priest who gave him the religious education, in 528. This monastery survived until 1129.

For over 400 years the O’Donnell Chieftains were inaugurated at this place, even before the building of the friary. The ceremony for their inauguration was divided into two parts, the religious rite at this site, the civil rite at Doon Rock.
The friary was dissolved in 1610. West of the ruins are the remains of a Church of Ireland church which was inaugurated in 1822 and was abandoned in 1845.

Doon Rock
This rocky outcrop was chosen by the O’Donnell clan to inaugurate their chieftains, a ceremony that was earlier taken at the abbey in Kilmacrennan.
From 1200 to 1603, from Eigneachan to Niall Carbh, 25 chieftains were inaugurated at this place.