Donegal and Mid Ulster History Forum Members

The programme is open to all groups that have an interest in participating throughout the duration of the Peace IV Cross Border Heritage Programme between Mid Ulster District Councl and Donegal County Council 

The aim of engaging groups of interest in both areas is to identify O’Neill and Ancient Clans heritage linkages, gather local information and knowledge and develop sustained community linkages between Donegal and Mid Ulster.

Forum Roles

Those people representing groups that will participate on the Cross Border Heritage Forum within both Mid Ulster and Donegal County areas:

I. Participate (through their group representation) on a number of forum planning sessions (approx. 6 during the programme delivery over 2 years September 2018 – September 2020. Participants must commit to at least 26hrs contact time during visits and workshops to support both Councils in the development and delivery of the programme. The meetings would be open to all groups to send representation and would receive and discuss Cross Border Shared Heritage issues and progress.

II. Participate within the Cross Border visits and workshops (outgoing visit to other area based on overnight residential). A number of representatives would be able to participate from the groups of interest (it would be the remit of the group to identify their own representatives)

III. Participate in research and provision of information of local sites of interest with regard to the programme; O’Neill and Ancient Clans of Ulster.

IV. Participate in the visits to the local area; through meeting of the visiting groups and engaging in workshop activity to share information and linkages.

V. Participate in the heritage weekends, both in their development of topics, sharing of good practice, information and activities and in the delivery.

VI. Participate in the development of a cross border heritage trail between the 2 areas.

Forum Governance

The Cross Border Shared Heritage Forum has no legal structure. Participation will be through an advisory/guidance capacity to both Mid Ulster District Council and Donegal County Council (via the Cross Border Shared Heritage appointed Co-Ordinator). The aim will be to provide advice, views and information to the delivery of the programme through local knowledge and heritage expertise.

As the forum is participatory if is recognised that all views are respected and will be considered. It may not be possible to include all information and views in the programme delivery.

It will also be important for all participants have regard for confidentiality of the Cross Border Shared Heritage forum and activities.

There is no financial contribution for attending meetings or participating in visits. There will be no cost for participating in any activities, visits or events as this will be covered by the Programme.

The Forum whilst informal in nature requires participation from all groups to allow it to fully maximise input and engagement. If any participant cannot attend the meetings or project activities then liaison can take place with the relevant group to allocate a replacement.

Forum Members to date January 2019

Donegal History Forum Members
Ardara GAP Hertiage + History Group
Ballybofey and Stranorlat historical society
The Colgan Heritage Group
Cineal Eoghain Inishowen
Cooley Cross Heritage Group
Craoibhin an Tearmann (Termon)
Culdaff and Cloncha Heritage Group  
Donegal GAP Heritage and History Group
Donegal Heritage
Fahan Heritage Group
Lands of Eogain Group
Leitir Corn Mill, Kilcar
McGinley Clan Heritage Group
Newtowncunningham & District Historical Society
Rathmullan Historical Society
Raymochy Historical Society
Sliabh Sneacht Centre
Ulster Local History Trust (UHT) Donegal Historical Society
West Inishowen Historical Society

Mid Ulster History Forum Members
Aughnacloy and Truagh
Ancient Clan O’Neill
Broughderg Groups/ cookstown
Cinéal Eoghain
Caledon Regeneration Project
Clans of Ulster
Clogher Historical Society
Donaghmore History Group
Desertcreate Church of Ireland
Eglish Historical Society
Killeshial and Clonanesse
O’Neil Country Historical Society
Stewartstown and District Local History Society