Mid Ulster Heritage Site Visit 13 & 14 September 2018

Tullyhogue Fort 
Tullyhogue Fort, also spelt Tullaghoge or Tullahoge, is large mound on the outskirts of Tullyhogue village near Cookstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It has a depressed centre and is surrounded by trees. It is an ancient ceremonial site where chieftains of the O’Neill dynasty of Tyrone were inaugurated.

Hill of the O’Neill
From the thirteenth century until modern times, this highland rampart above the town of Dungannon has been one of the most strategically important sites in the history of Ireland. Stronghold of the famous O’Neill dynasty its view of all nine counties of Ulster enabled its occupants to command the surrounding area.

Workshop: Donegal and Mid Ulster groups
Planning future study visits, shared heritage and history, connecting with other groups, sustaining linkages between groups & engagement, resources and research that already exists.

Facilitator: Dr Colm Donnelly
Dr Donnelly is an historical archaeologist who specialises in Medieval and 17th-century buildings. As an experienced field archaeologist he has directed excavations at a range of sites including the O’Neill tower house and Sir Arthur Chichester’s fort on Castle Hill, Dungannon, County Tyrone (2007).

Guest Speaker: Dr Mary Katharine Simms
Dr Katharine Simms is a Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College Dublin, where she was a Senior Lecturer in Medieval History to 2010. She is author of From Kings to Warlords: the Changing Political Structure of Gaelic Ireland in the Later Middle Ages, and Medieval Gaelic Sources together with numerous articles on the kings, clerics and learned classes in Gaelic Ireland from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries.


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