Youth MADE

Project Title: Youth Making a Difference in Europe 
(Youth MADE) 

Project Reference Number: 2017-3-UK01-KA105-046623
Term: 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018

Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility of indviduals

Project Partners: Croatia, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the UK

The Youth MADE project supported young people to participate in youth exchanges to explore migration, share different views to develop informed opinions and gain respect for diversity. 

Youth Exchanges

Two youth exchanges took place:
France 22 – 26 May 2018
Poland 23 – 27 October 2018 


Each exchange included 5 youth and 1 youth leader from each partner.

Activities included workshops, role play, debates, presentation, art work and meetings with migrants to hear their views. The youth produced multimedia reports to disseminate their activities. By carrying out research and gathering information to develop their knowledge of migration, refugees, integration and inclusion the youth developed informed opinions to become active citizens to influence their peers, their local community, elected representatives to lead to respect for human rights to prevent fear of others and radicalisation.

The objectives of the project:

(i)  to work with marginalised youth with economic, social and educational difficulties and engage them in all stages of the project

(ii)  for young people to be informed on migration, refugees, integration and inclusion and aware of different social, cultural, educational, economic and political realities

(iii)  to share different cultural views and propose actions to promote the values of solidarity, democracy and respect for human rights to prevent fear of others and radicalisation

(iv)  to encourage young people to engage in the democratic process – to encourage youth to participate in more international activities to develop their cultural awareness

(v)  to share the results of their activities through multi media reports online

The Youth MADE project worked with youth aged 13 to 30 from marginalised rural areas with economic, social and educational difficulties and involved them in all stages of the project to secure their engagement.

Through the activities they developed key skills and competencies relevant to the labour market which will improve their employability.

Youthmade newsletter

Electronic Youth MADE Newsletter

The partners of the Youth MADE project were part of the EuroYouth MediaLab project which worked with young people to look at the issues that concerned them and present their views through multimedia reports.

View their reports:
N Ireland (UK)     



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