Youth Worker TEAM Project: Participant Feedback

Feedback on the direct impact on particiapants and partners

Video 1: Participant from N Ireland (UK)

First time to take part in an Erasmus+ project. Meeting new people from different countries and their culture. The problems people face with youth in their regions and how they deal with them. Opportunity for public speaking, getting our of my comfort zone and speaking in front of people. Sharing my experiences and the experiences of other people Everyone mixed well.

The presentations and shared learning was really good. It has been eye opening, an amazing learning experience where I have been able to improve on my own skills. I have become more passionate about youth work. I have been able to make connections with other people I will never lose. I would do Erasmus+ again in any other country. for the opportunity to travel and to further my experience as a youth worker. It has improved my communicate skills, my overall confidence, getting my views across, teamwork and accepting different opinions. 

Video 2: German participant from Spain

I liked most to see the importance of youth work in the Northern Ireland because of the special situation because of the conflict and because of Brexit to understand and get in touch with the youth work here and its relevance. I would change the programme a bit to give more time to discuss certain issues such as the peace walls and moments in the programme for the critical exchange around topics. I would take part in another Erasmus+ project depending on the topic. I think it is really useful to meet other people young and also older people, from different backgrounds and from different regions to exchange ideas and perspectives and to think about further programmes. This programme has been beneficial as I could develop my ideas a bit more about in detail what youth work is exactly, what is important to a youth worker and I think I could amplify own perspectives. I think it was beneficial.

Video 3: Participant from Germany

It is good to come to a decision about youth work in every country. The project has been beneficial. I take a lot of the programme with me. I have the idea for a programme in my youth centre for healthcare. In N Ireland you have better youth work than we have so I have many ideas.

Video 4: Participant from Portugal

I loved most about the programme was the different countries that were part of it because we got different perspectives about youthwork in different countries around Europe and that interchange was very good. I think I would change the duration, I think a programme like this would be lot more beneficial if it lasted a little bit longer. Maybe more than a week but that is the only thing I would change. I would do another programme similar to this with Erasmus+. Why, it’s because I think it is very beneficial for us as youth workers and people working in youth work organisations to get in touch with other people and even if it not about youth work being in contact with other people from other organisations around Europe or around the world is very important.

My area of expertise is phycology and I am now much more aware of what youth work is so it has been very beneficial for me to understand that.

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