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2017 Newsletter:
Latest Copernicus Launch
White Paper
Agrifood Portal
Renewable sources targets met
Legal Affairs Committee: books adapted for blind
Erasmus+ Funding during negotiations
Treaties of Rome at 60
Connected and Automated Driving Conference
Erasmus Pro Initiative
Digital EU, Erasmus+ Programme update
The Plaid Project, First eHealth Hub
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Roaming mobile phone charges
Online Marine Litter Course

PDF Newsletter – May 2017

eNewsletter May 2017

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May 2017 Newsletter: Brexit Update: Triggering Article 50, letter to President Tusk, negotiations begin, Who’s Who, votes, proposed timetable, EU27 stance. For NI: European Parliament key findings, Assembly questions, equality & socioeconomic rights, economy implications, human rights law.

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May 2017 eNewsletter

May 2017 PDF Newsletter

MARCH 2017 Newsletter: This issue covers the Commission’s White Paper, LID+ launches new project, Travel Scholarship, Solidarity Corps, German Teacher Award, finance for start-ups, RegioStars Awards, Ready2Go, EIB backing for NPIF, clean air prize, CAP Consultation, new EU environmental standards, European Maritime Days, nuclear power generation, coastal and maritime tourism, defining CE, protect against cybercriminals, Heritage Days, LGBTI equality, antibiotic resistance.

March 2017 Brexit eNewsletter

March 2017 Brexit PDF Newsletter

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JANUARY 2017 Newsletter: This issue looks at the Launch of CRANE Project a 2yr Erasmus+ funded project, UK Ambassador to the EU resigns, Maltese Presidency, EU Public Health policy, 15yrs of Euro, ICT gender gap, Digital Assembly 2017 in Valletta, Erasmus+ Funding, Traineeships, Rights with faulty goods, The Single market.

January 2017 eNewsletter
January 2017 PDF Newsletter

DECEMBER 2016 Newsletter: This issue looks at how medical products are protected, ratification of the Paris Agreement, the policy for jobs & growth, EU vocational skills week, the new Task Force for the negotiations with the EU and funding.screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-11-20-50

OCTOBER 2016 Newsletter: This issue looks at how medical products are protected, ratification of the Paris Agreement, the policy for jobs & growth, EU vocational skills week, the new Task Force for the negotiations with the EU and funding.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-23-14-50

SEPTEMBER 2016 Newsletter: This issue opens with Jean-Claude Junker’s State of the Union Address 2016 with information on funding, events, research competitions and fact sheets.

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screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-21-22-22JULY 2016 Newsletter: Your rights following the EU Referendum to leave the EU

Following a demand to know about your rights after the EU Referendum vote to leave the EU this newsletter answers some of the key questions you asked about what it means for you going on holiday to another part of the EU, your passport, healthcare and more!

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JUNE 2016 Newsletter: The EU Referendum
This issue focuses on the EU Referendum, The EU Commission response to the UK vote to leave the EU and the process of what happens next.

EU Referendum
EU Referendum

MAY 2016 NEWSLETTER: Education, Training & Youth

This issue focuses on Education, Training & Youth

Contents include:
Eurostat: EU statistics
European SchoolNet: Innovation in teaching
Language Assistants for your school
Drop’pin Eures for employment and youth organisations
Eures: Job mobility
Open Education Europa Portal: for learners, teachers & researchers
European Youth Portal: opportunities for youth volunteering, mobility, culture, education & employment
EU in my region photo competition
The European Youth Guarantee

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We’ve moved office! Find out about our new premises and other news.

Contents include:
How to take part in EU Polls
Roaming charges change in June 2016
Registering for the EU Referendum
Guides to doing business in Europe
Support for SMEs
Investment for EU promoters
An App to help you stop smoking
Health workplaces for all ages
PEACE IV Funding
Climate Action
INTERREG Atlantic Areas news
European Job Week
Erasmus+ funding
INTERREG VA Research & innovation Fund
Community Action in the Field of Health

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