Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training is more important than ever when when technology and increased mobility means that even if we don’t move the world comes to us!

Do you work with people from different cultural backgrounds?
Cultural misunderstandings prevent people from collaborating effectively even when they are speaking the same language!

Working with clients or partners from other cultures?
Planning, meetings, negotiating, managing, conflict, appraisals are all influenced by culture!

People work better together when they understand each other, when they understand different cultural perspectives. How to see it from the other cultural side.

Cultural awareness training explores how culture shapes how we act and behave and influences our expectations when communicating with people from other cultures. Cultural awareness training provides the knowledge, skills and expertise for anyone working with EU project partners, international staff, colleagues or clients to manage how cultures differ in how they work, plan and make decisions.

Using theory, practical examples and activities the training explores:

  • Invisible/ visible aspects of culture
  • Own cultural rules and behaviours and how cultures differ
  • Key areas where cultures clash
  • Reactions to differences and how misunderstanding can arise
  • Differences in verbal and non verbal communication
  • How culture affects work, management, teams, meetings
  • Different ways people negotiate, communicate, agree and resolve conflict
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to improve comunication skills

With over 25yrs experience of developing and delivering training to participants from public, private and community sector we are flexible and can deliver training to meet your specific needs at a time at place that suites you.

Training can be designed around your sector, your are of work such as management, teams, meetings, virtual working, communication, presentations, for business, sales, negotiations, care & social services, youth work, education, training for staff and management.

Workshop Themes Include:

  • Preparing for and working within EU Partnerships
  • General introduction to cultural competence
  • Cultural competence for business & management
  • Developing skills for working in international teams
  • Working effectively across cultures in virtual teams
  • Hospitality and customer services
  • Relocation briefings to prepare you to move to a new country
  • Helping youth come together

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